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What do You Want to Know About Direct-to-Garment Printing, and How does it Works?

by Shawn

Only 20 years have passed since the invention of direct-to-garment printing, sometimes referred to as DTG printing or digital printing. But in that short period, this printing method radically altered the fashion industry in ways no one could have predicted.

When a little-known business called DIS from Bradenton, Florida, presented a printing device named “Revolution,” that is when DTG printing was first made public. Heat transfer, sublimation, and screen printing were the only methods widely used for mass production at the time, but the “Revolution” turned the industry on its head by introducing a process of directly transferring images to garments without using silk screens or transfer paper.

Shortly after entering the market, it became evident that DTG printers created pictures with a more excellent resolution than any other fabric printing technique. Moreover, the industry rapidly discovered that DTG printing is considerably cleaner and simpler to set up than screen printing. While there are still alternative methods for printing clothing, DTG is now the tool of choice for thousands of specialized apparel printers worldwide.

If you wish to create clothing with printed graphics, screen printing, digital printing, heat transfer printing, and DTG printing are the best methods for putting graphics on clothing. In this manual, we’ll introduce you to the many printing methods that are accessible and explain how much and how long it takes to print clothing. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about starting a new brand of premium bespoke clothing with your favorite full-color patterns.

How Can Fabric Be Printed?

Since the beginning of the fashion design business, people have been printing designs on cloth. In the past, people adorned clothing using plant-based dyes, and stitching was a common way to decorate shirts, coats, and trousers with designs.

Modern clothing producers create astonishingly vivid pictures on T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothes using high-tech tools, including industrial screen printers and customized inkjet technology. The many printing techniques available today all provide specific outcomes, and customers can now distinguish between excellent and terrible methods.

How to Choose the Right Technology

Use the top fabric printing technique if you wish to awe your consumer’s attention with personalized t-shirts or promotional items. You won’t continue utilizing low-end printing techniques for a very long term; whether you’re working on a swift project or require promotional things for a long time, you’ll need to locate a printing firm with access to a DTG printer or sophisticated sublimation or screen printing techniques.

The selection of a printing firm is merely the first step. You must create a lovely design and format it so your printing firm may utilize it, whether you want to print straightforward one-color designs or build T-shirts with many colors. We’ll provide you with all the knowledge you need to locate a printing firm and create the ideal setup for your project as we go through this guide.

DTG printers function using the same fundamental ideas as inkjet printers. These printers employ specialized print heads to print on fabric. DTG printing is ideal for materials like bamboo, cotton, and hemp since this ink works best on natural fibers.

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