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Top 6 Proven Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

by Shawn

Websites are made for the purpose of turning readers and visitors into clients. However, if there are no readers and visitors then all your work on the website is of no use. Thus, it’s not just important to work on the website for the purpose of converting leads into sales, it’s also important to work on creating leads in the first place. There are a number of ways in which a website owner can ensure that a steady flow of traffic is directed towards the website at all times.

Here are Some Proven Traffic Tips to Help You Increase the Number of People Visiting Your Website.

1. Create Attractive Headlines

The headlines matter a lot as they define whether a user would click on the link to your website or not. An irresistible headline would compel any user to open the link. You can write the most innovative and well-researched article but if you aren’t writing attractive headlines then most people won’t even read the article. Thus, it’s important that you put as much time in writing the headline as you would put in writing the article itself. You can get ideas from websites like BuzzFeed whose writers have a knack of creating irresistible titles for their articles.

2. Consistently Update Your Website with Content

Many people believe these days that only quality matters. While it’s true that the importance of quality content has grown manifolds in the past few years, there is no denying the fact that quantity still matters a lot. You must understand that in order to get Google to like your website and to rank it higher (and in turn get you targeted traffic), you will have to write fresh content every day. Google loves fresh content and readers also look for the most up-to date content. It goes without saying that there should be no compromise on the quality of the content.

3. Guest Blog Intelligently

Guest blogging is a wonderful idea to broaden your audience base and to get some benefit out of writing for websites other than your own. Many blogs have a very loyal audience who visit the website regularly to read new content. If you can get the opportunity to guest blog on such websites, you can tap into the audience reserves of these websites. You will always get the chance to do some self-promotion at the end of your blog piece and you can then ensure that the audience who would read your blog on these websites would in turn become loyal visitors of your website as well. However, it’s important that you guest blog for websites with a strong audience so that all your hard work does not go down the drain.

4. Allow People to Guest Blog on your Website

You can also increase traffic to your own website by allowing other authors to guest blog on your website. This can ensure that when the guest author would link to your website in order to drive traffic to the blog he/she has written on your website, your website would earn a back-link and would also get some traffic from the author’s site. This would also mean that some of your readers would head over to the author’s website but this would always be a fair exchange.

5. Optimize Your Images

While organic text search is very competitive and to reach the top of Google for such searches is pretty difficult, there is hardly any competition for places on Google’s image search section. You can ensure that the photos you use during your articles make the top of Google’s image search by adding relevant keywords as alt-text for them.

6. Ensure Fast Loading Speed for your Website

What irritates internet users the most are slow loading websites. With so many websites to choose from, people would only stick around if your website’s loading speeds are fast. So, you should clean up your coding and use a reliable and fast web host so that your website is as fast as Flash when it comes to loading speeds.

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