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The SEO Strategies Online Casino Implement to Great Effect

by Shawn
SEO Strategies

SEO is a crucial marketing tool within a wider strategy for any web-based business.

Getting your business out there, in any form, is utterly crucial. You can have the best website in the world, the cheapest services, the widest range of goods and services, but if people can’t find you, there’s no point at all. Think of it like this, if you opened a shop, would you open it in the back room of a house in Suburbia or on your local High Street with a huge sign outside? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? That’s SEO; if you open your online business but pay no attention to SEO, you’re on a hiding to nothing.

It’s relevant for bloggers as we explained in our recent article ‘SEO Checklist for Fresh Bloggers to Start a Successful Blog’. Whatever you do, you have to stand out, whether you’re penning a few words a week for people to read or offering global services. Take the online gaming industry, for instance, casinos, poker, online slots and the like. You see adverts everywhere for those services, but how can a developer really get ahead? By interrupting every video you watch with a bold advert? Or making sure when you want to play and search ‘best online casino games’, they pop up? Again, the answer is obvious. In fact, we’d be tempted not to use the supplier who interrupts our YouTube sessions with adverts!

How do online casinos specifically optimize their SEO for the best results? The answer is, in many ways, far too many to list them all here. However, these are three key ways they adapt their offering to be more SEO friendly, which you may implement in your digital strategy.

Be Crawler Friendly

Google doesn’t have thousands of people ranking your pages in an office; they use bots to rank and index everything. Robots are the key to your site ranking highly on SEO, and that means the information you feed them must be accurate and bot-friendly. For instance, make sure you use a 100% unique URL, set guidelines on dynamic vs. static, URL length, and incorporate your website into any relevant RSS feeds. Online casinos will have teams of people working on the tech, not just the front of house services, and if you want to be a success, you should too. It doesn’t need to break the bank, and we’re happy to help with any queries and issues you may have.


You should have a blog page no matter what your site sells; online slots, carpets or cars. The iGaming industry does this very well, as Massimiliano Riverso, an iGaming industry expert, explained to iGaming Business. “The best brands have created information channels on their platforms – specifically, blog sections – to offer users alternative channels instead of the classic online games offer. This type of content allowed operators to implement marketing strategies of a purely informative nature and, at the same time, to gain visibility during major sporting events and in television commercials.”

It also allows you to implement keyword strategies and reach different potential client bases. Developing your online blog is certainly a key part of any SEO framework you implement.

Shareable Content

Going viral is a sure-fire way to get your site recognized, and the iGaming industry does it well. Often it is through their blog section or social media channels, but they create shareable content that users feel is amusing or interesting enough to repost, retweet or comment on. That creates an advertising campaign all of its own. Indeed, I-Scoop describes content sharing as the Holy Grail of marketing. Be aware; you need to make the content easy to share by using big share buttons, adding some pop culture references, etc. You’ll find such content on iGaming sites, usually on their blog page, possibly ranking popular games, doing something around locations, or generally talking about the industry. Shareable content is one of the easy ways to create a ‘free’ advertising campaign.

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