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SEO Checklist for Fresh Bloggers to Start a Successful Blog

by Shawn
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It is not easy to start a new website without proper planning and hard work. I too started few blogs which got failed due to lack of proper planning. But here I provided the list of SEO tips and techniques for the fresh bloggers. It will help new bloggers to move their blog in the right direction. The below checklist also help you to get the higher ranking in Google search engine. Here read the tips to successfully launch  a new blog.

SEO Checklist for Fresh Bloggers to start a blog

  1. Choose the appropriate title for your blog and use the fresh and simple premium theme. Do not use the junk themes which have foot links to other site.
  2. Use only one or few keywords to each post. Sometimes, the use of many keywords in a single post downs the rank in search engines.
  3. Make the unique and attractive post title with at least 70 characters. Do not make lengthy post titles.
  4. Your blog should have quality descriptive content on homepage which describes your blog. Do not only show images to blog’s homepage.
  5. Submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. This will bring the quality organic traffic to your site from search engines.
  6. Add description to each post of your blog. It will help visitors to discover your post easily in search results.
  7. Use alt tags to the image file names. Do not copy any copyright images from other website. If possible then try to create your own images.
  8. Make you blogs posts attractive by using bold tag. Make the highlighted sentences or keywords bold. It will make your blog post attractive, beautiful and informative.
  9. Use the hyperlinks within the content to other good quality posts. Do not make too many hyperlinks in a single post.
  10. Use Google Analytics to track the traffic on your website. It is a free tool to track the traffic on blog.
  11. Make use of popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Create the Fan Page of your blog and share quality to the page.
  12. Also share your posts to some social bookmarking websites like Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc.
  13. Check for the broken links and implement 301 redirects option. Also make sure that Robots.txt is not blocking the pages which should not be block.
  14. Write original and unique quality contents with not less than 400 words. Do not copy a single sentence from any other blog. Just write it in your own words.
  15. Create the “About Us”, “Contact Us” and “Privacy Policy” page which makes your blog a trustable brand or platform.
  16. Should create an XML sitemap. Submit the sitemap to Bing Webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools for fast indexing of blog posts in search results.
  17. Check the Loading time of your blog. If it is slow then fix it now. Open your website on both mobiles and tablets.

These are the some important point which new bloggers should keep in mind before starting a blog. Blogging requires hard work, dedication and proper planning. So happy blogging.

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