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How to Protect Against Phishing

by Shawn

Today, I am going to write a post related to the security of a user in this world of internet and social networking. This post is regarding phishing, the most famous way used for hacking any email accounts, bank accounts or Facebook, twitter etc.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a most popular way to hack into an account. In phishing attacker creates a fake page and make the victim to login in that page using original id and password. This fake page looks same as the original page of a website where a user enters his/her username and password but it differs in the URL of both the webpages. The fake page sends the username and password to the hacker by using which hacker can steal your confidential information. Generally, phishing pages are created using free web hosting services.

How to Protect yourself against Phishing?

While signing in any website, first check the URL of it; either it is the one you want to sign in or differs then the original URL. If it is different, never enter your correct information, as it may lead to misuse of your account.

If you find any fake page, report it so that other users will also be beneficial and won’t get hacked.

How to Report a Phishing Page?

Phishing has got a special attention and social networking sites like Facebook etc. are providing higher securities and alerts to prevent your account from getting hacked. Else, you can report a phishing page on goggle’s Report Phishing Page and google will take care of the rest.

Any more queries about phishing are most welcomed.

Protection for your accounts shouldn’t be an option. It should be a necessity. Some phishing examples are following:

  • Email
  • Fake Sites
  • Malvertising
  • Calls/SMS
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Security Alerts
  • Account Deactivation

Phishing protection solutions:

  • Install a phishing filter
  • Do not click on any unknown click in email
  • Secure personal info
  • Use firewalls

Keep using of Antivirus software. Phishing is very common these days. Every day you receive a mail that your Google account will be deleted and that you have to resolve it by logging on. A lot of people are victim.

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