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Content Marketing and SEO – how it is connected?

by Shawn

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are two inseparable terms when it comes to building websites. Usually, companies hire copywriters and SEO specialists, so they can collaborate and create all types of content that will not only provide value to the users but also give their business a high position in Google search results. The path is simple: people are browsing the web to find things they are interested in. Thanks to SEO, they can find relevant websites and if they enter them and find high-quality, interesting texts, they will stay longer and maybe become potential clients.Copy HTML Copy text

Let’s determine why SEO and content marketing are crucial for every company that is building its online presence, and why one can’t be complete without the other.

One: Keywords

How to implement important keywords on our website? Using content, of course. Google’s algorithm can position pages higher or lower by analyzing them and finding keywords, which are basically words or phrases that people usually type into the search engine. An article with correctly placed keywords can be a boost that will drive the user’s attention to the website, which increases traffic and helps to grow businesses.

Two: Updates

Google promotes freshly uploaded content and indexes it quite quickly. That’s why companies often run blogs or news pages on their websites. They want to keep or improve their position in search engines and updating the “about us” page or the home page doesn’t make much sense. Valuable content is what users are looking for and in terms of SEO purposes, it’s great because bots appreciate texts that are client-oriented and natural.

Three: Experience

Algorithms are constructed to analyze the whole website, together with its code. Content marketing takes care of blog articles, website texts, error alerts, meta descriptions, and other elements that are essential to excellent SEO. Google rates the website’s UX (user experience) based on all these elements. That’s why they have to be on point.

Four: Traffic

Another essential thing in SEO is external links. If they are done properly, they work wonders in boosting traffic, and they give the audience additional sources of valuable knowledge. What does properly mean? Basically, we have to put links to high-quality, prominent websites. And if we publish well-curated content, someone might link to us, too. It’s a win-win situation.

Content and SEO are two things that are definitely worth the effort, time, and money. When done well, they can provide leads, increase statistics, build a positive online image, and give the brand a recognition every business craves. That’s why knowing something about SEO and learning the rules of content creation can be great for new companies. Established ones should invest in skilled employees that will deliver all the required content that is SEO optimized.

There is also another way and that’s hiring an agency like Fabryka Marketingu. They can take care of all our content needs and deliver articles that are great for search engine optimization. It’s a much more cost-efficient option than hiring one’s own team.

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