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Amazon Fire TV Promotion Code

by Shawn
Amazon Fire TV Promotion Code

The arrival of Amazon Fire TV has certainly been noticed thanks to a plethora of advertisements and a rather interesting commercial starring Gary Busey. Still, Amazon Fire TV is settling into a relatively new format designed as an alternative to cable TV programming, promising a great number of features at a fraction of the cost compared to cable or satellite sources. You can use the Amazon Fire TV promo code to save up to $20 instantly.
Does Amazon Fire TV really live up to the hype? We will take a look at some of the main features that it has to offer.

Amazon Fire TV Promotion
The system gets off to a good start thanks to the ergonomically designed remote and simple, straightforward features that make the Amazon Fire TV easy to set up and figure out. With a relatively low learning curve, you can now get into a lot of the programming that it has to offer quickly and easily.

The software creates a versatile platform that is intuitive to use and easy to manipulate. This should not be a surprise to those who have used the Fire OS system as it borrows many of its features. You can find the games, movies, and other features fairly quickly. About the only drawback is that the search features are a little cumbersome, but otherwise it is fairly easy to find what you want.

Voice Command: As noted in the promotion of the Amazon Fire TV, there is a nifty voice search function that allows you to quickly access new movies, TV shows, events, and the like. This is certainly one of the best features of the Fire TV system. However, even it is subject to some of the limitations inherent in the menu features, so it will take a little practice and keeping the manual handy at first to ensure getting what you want quickly.

Content: The heart of the Amazon Fire TV system is what it has to offer and compared to other, similar services, this one just blows the competition away. A complete range of services are available for free and many others for a very low cost. With Hulu and Netflix part of the program, Amazon Fire TV is all that and more. About the only thing missing is a Cloud Player, but all things considered that is fairly minor and will probably be corrected in later upgrades.

Gaming: Here, Amazon Fire TV still has a little work to do in catching up with some of its competitors, but frankly it’s mostly in the overall selection and storage space which arguably can be improved over time. However, the 8 GB storage space can only hold so much.

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It seems that Amazon Fire TV has learned from its predecessors and offers improved services, particularly in the incorporation of many different media sources for television and movie programming. While the system itself could still use some improvements here and there, overall Amazon Fire TV is very impressive and makes the perfect choice for those who love movies and want to get the most out of internet programming. Don’t forget to use the coupon code when you buy the new Fire TV and get a Free 30-day Prime trial.

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